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I first came across Mayde Tea when at a friend's house. She made me a cup of the Sweet Treat blend and I was blown away by how fresh and flavoursome it was. The difference between a good quality loose leaf tea and it's cheaper, bagged counterpart is palpable. Ever since, I have been a fan of Mayde Tea, finding it impossible to go back to a stock standard blend. Below we chat with founder Kate Dalton about how she started Mayde and what goes into creating her tasty blends. 

Who is behind Mayde Tea? 

I am! I’m Kate, I’m a naturopath and nutritionist. I grew up in the most beautiful part of the world on the South Coast of NSW called Jervis Bay. Mayde Tea started when I (and the many, many specialists I saw) couldn’t work out what was causing me to feel so unwell all of the time. I started studying naturopathy and learning about how nutrition and herbal medicine might be able to help me. It literally changed my life. I became a huge believer in nature providing the best medicine for our bodies to come back to optimum health. I used nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle interventions to get myself back to wellness- this is always an ongoing journey of course! After experiencing all of this, I wanted to share how effective herbal medicine is for treating things like digestive disorders, depression, anxiety, adrenal exhaustion and so much more. I decided that the best way to utilise herbs is by using the gentle means of herbal tea. So then Mayde Tea was born.

What products are on offer? 

We have a range of 12 organic herbal tea blends that aim to treat the most common ailments seen in a naturopath’s practice (or a doctor’s room for that matter!) We have a blend to help with sleep and anxiety, one to improve the digestive process, one to help detoxify and purify the blood and one for sugar cravings. Our herbal blends are aimed to be an addition into your daily life to lessen symptoms and encourage wellness. We specialise in loose-leaf tea only- because teabags are laced with chemicals and other nasties and they also end up in landfill. So, we have a small range of beautiful tea brewing accessories. 

What goes into the process and what do you love about creating your beautiful products? 

The process starts usually with me wanting to help an ailment that either I, or someone I know is experiencing! In terms of what herbs to use, they initially pop into my head from my recent study and clinical experience, but I back this up with evidence before putting them into my herbal blends. I then spend hours and hours trialling and testing different recipes until I’m happy with the therapeutic benefit, the flavour and the teas appearance (I think its important for them to be pretty!)

Tell us a bit about the ingredients you use…why is it important to use organic products? 

I know that buying all organic is tough- it can be expensive, and a lot of effort sourcing it all! I think it’s important not to get nervous when eating out, wondering if they’ve used organic ingredients. I’m human- I like chocolate and I drink coffee sometimes so I’m not one to tell my clients that they need to eat perfectly 100% of the time, thats not realistic or sustainable! I buy all of my produce at the organic markets, and I don’t beat myself up if I slip up on my eating habits! However, there are some things that are a non-negotiable in terms of them being organic- in my opinion. Tea crops are of the most heavily sprayed in conventional farming, so using certified organic ingredients in our products is really important to me. You also can’t wash tea like you can an apple, so you’re always going to consume all of the pesticides and herbicides alongside your therapeutic goodness in your cup of tea. As soon as boiling water hits the tea leaves, these chemicals leach into your cup. Our ingredients are from small farms where possible, and I source them from the countries in which they are native to- as this is where they thrive the most.

What takes up your time besides Mayde Tea? 

I also practice as a naturopath and nutritionist, so I see clients about 2 days a week. Other than working- I surf and do lots of walking with my dog Molly, I’m addicted to podcasts, reading, gigs, and absolutely love good food and eating out.


Thanks Kate! 

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