Jana Brunclikova

I'd never heard of metatherapy before I met Jana. This European technology scans the whole body for signs of illness, providing an in depth reading of areas in need of treatment. Having undergone a session with Jana, I'm constantly encouraging others to seek out this incredible diagnostic tool, which offers an in-depth and complete picture of your whole body's health. Recently I spoke to Jana about what a metatherapy session involves, how it works, and why everyone would benefit from a whole body scan.

Jana Brunclikova

I have been interested in natural healing methods since I was young. Coming from Eastern Europe, traditional healing methods have been part of my culture for as long as I can remember. I’m very much interested in exploring the connection of traditional techniques with new nutritional research findings, and I love working with energetic and vibrational diagnostic tools. I’m also a qualified raw food chef; this guides me in recommending raw foods as medicine. I have been in this field for a good 10 years now, practicing as a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist for the past 5.

Naturopathic therapies recognise the healing power of nature, especially plants, and make extensive use of diet and herbs as medicinal remedies. I combine my naturopathic stills with metatherapy, utilising the Metatron diagnostic system of investigation. It’s non-invasive, safe, and cost effective.

Metatron is scientific health software which uses three-dimensional scanning to localise where there are sites of disease or inflammation in the body. It sends out frequencies which beam back visual information to a computer screen, recording cellular cuts, tissue cuts, chromosome sets, individual chromosomes, and fragments of the DNA helix. 

The scans detect disease, allergies, food sensitivities, pathogens and bacterium by way of matching cell changes with recorded data. Further analysis can uncover whether these are inherited, genetic conditions, which is important in determining treatment options. Treatment might then include metatherapy to treat any organ, tissue or cell. Metatherapy involves sending energetic frequencies via the Metatron to the desired area which will reverse the ongoing process, stimulate homeostasis, and improve the quality of the tissues.

Treatment can also include herbal and nutritional medicine or acupuncture. If required I also make an individual homeopathic or crystal remedy for the client to take home.

People come to see me for a whole range of health investigations, from general check ups to digestive problems, stress management and fertility issues. Often there are instances where conventional medicine has failed or has limited treatment options. This is common when treating people suffering from anxiety, infertility and autoimmune diseases, just to name a few. Naturopathic medicine offers options in these cases that can work with or replace conventional medicine to help heal the body. Rather than just treating illness, we educate people on how they can make better life choices to prevent illness in the first place. Prescription drugs often deal with symptoms but rarely address the cause of ill health. By identifying and treating the cause of disease, rather than the symptoms, the body can better regulate and heal itself.

I believe in treating body, mind and spirit. Much of an initial consultation with me involves listening to the client's story and evaluating the Metatron results. The client’s health journey together with their results may have many twists and turns and involve multiple conditions or diseases. Therefore I really value the importance of allowing people the time and space necessary to share their story. Everyone is so individual in their needs. There’s no one treatment for everyone.

I practice out of the Orchard St clinic in Bronte. It’s a beautiful, hearty clinic with like-minded practitioners. People come here to seek healing – which is the first step for recovery. When you come for a session, you not only get your results and recommendations on the day, but you can also choose from certified organic juices and smoothies, organic raw vegan chocolates and conscious lifestyle products. We have a herbal dispensary and high quality naturopathic supplements are available in the shop.


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