The northern beaches of Sydney hold a special place in my heart. There's a palatable energy that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from our hectic pace of life.  AHARA HEALTH taps into this energy, offering holistic services that truly consider and prioritise the individual health and wellbeing of all. As well as offering consultations, AHARA HEALTH has a considered retail space and run wellness and nutrition-centred workshops for the northern beaches community and beyond. 

What is on offer at AHARA HEALTH? 

AHARA HEALTH is a naturopathic and whole food collective. It is a wellness hub in Newport Beach, supporting the wellness needs of all through: naturopathy, nutritional medicine, massage and acupressure. AHARA HEALTH also has a full herbal dispensary, an eco store and small retail selection of sustainable goods, delicious snacks and herbal remedies. AHARA HEALTH is made up of owner and naturopath Alyce Cimino, nutritionist Kate Levins, exercise physiologist Robert Wells, massage therapist Jessie Whittaker and clinic puppy Piper Hazelnut. 

You’re located on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney. How does the location and community have an impact on AHARA HEALTH?  

The northern beaches has a seriously calm energy– many people choose to live here to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and their daily working grind. On any morning of the week, it’s a given that you’ll find people up early surfing, walking the dog, practicing yoga on the sand and generally taking the time to appreciate the gorgeous landscape. The pace of life here is slower, more considered and it just feels like people prioritise having their priorities in order! Opening AHARA HEALTH in Newport Beach was a no-brainer– the northern beaches calm, balanced and nurturing vibe is exactly what we wish to embody and share.  

You have run some wellness and nutrition-centered workshops in the past, can you tell us a bit about those and any future ones you have coming up? 

Aside from 1:1 consultations, we think workshops are a fantastic way to help further your knowledge and understanding and gain hands-on experience about various health and wellness topics. Naturopath Alyce and Nutritionist Kate run workshops together monthly, ensuring you have access to a naturopathic and nutrition perspective on each topic. 

Our July workshop is all about vegan and wholefood nutrition– we’ll be discussing the importance of and ways in which to meet all the body’s nutritional needs via an abundant, plant-rich diet. The workshop will be held here at AHARA HEALTH on Sunday July 22nd. For tickets and more information, click here.

Kate you also run Nourishing Club, can you tell us what it’s all about? 

Nourishing Club is your one-stop location for all things plant-based nutrition, filed by Kate’s desire to encourage people to eat more vegetables. Outside of AHARA HEALTH, Kate runs workshops at other locations all around Sydney, offers bespoke plant-based catering and writes articles and recipes for various health and wellness publications as an authority on nutrition.

You can find out more at Nourishing Club on Instagram @nourishingclub and on Facebook

Tell us why you’re passionate about natural health and what influenced you to help others seeking a healthy lifestyle? 

We have all been in that unwell state; a little more tired than normal, repeatedly working long hours, an usually bloated stomach or felt generally ‘bleh’. At AHARA HEALTH, we are passionate about improving upon and preventing these low points. Our goal is to help encourage and facilitate creating a healthier and happier version of ‘you’, focusing on every day improvements and ensuring you feel your very best. Health is something we often take for granted, until it is gone. All of the AHARA HEALTH practitioners are passionate about giving you (and your body) the tools, dietary and lifestyle advice to create individualised, optimal wellness. 

How can we get involved? 

We regularly share articles, tips, tricks, healthy recipes and inspiration online and through social media. We love social media because it makes it so easy to connect with our clients and anybody interested in learning more about holistic health, nourishing eats, and general wellness. 

We also love meeting people! AHARA HEALTH is open from Monday - Saturday. We welcome and encourage visitors! Don’t be shy, come and say hi :) 

Thanks Alyce and Kate! 

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