Camp Spray

Camp Spray


Utilising fresh, healing botanicals from the Australian bush, The Herbal Camp Spray was designed with camping trips in mind. 

This all-purpose face and body mist comprises of fresh peppermint, soothing aloe vera and witch hazel, making it the perfect moisturising and toning spray for sun kissed skin. We've also added plant oils which are proven to repel insects, including lemongrass and cedar, so you can say goodbye to sticky chemical laden bug sprays. 

Use when needed as a refreshing all-over body spray and insect repellant. 

Ingredients: Witch hazel, *Aloe vera, *Peppermint, Lemongrass, Cedar, Tea Tree, Rosemary

* Denotes organic


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Camp Spray Ingredients

Witch Hazel

Derived from distilling the bark of the witch hazel tree, this hydrosol has long been used in traditional herbal preparations to tone and refine skin due to it's astringent properties. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory,  soothing redness, swelling and skin irritations such as rashes, bug bites and stings. Witch hazel has mild cleansing and antiseptic properties, helping to fight blemishes and keep skin fresh and clean. 

Aloe Vera

One of the oldest known herbs used in traditional herbal medicine, aloe vera plants produce a gel with wondrous healing properties. It's most widely used to treat burns, as it has the ability to draw heat from the skin. It's moisturising, refreshing and a powerful anti-inflammatory, soothing skin irritations such as rashes, burns, cuts and bites.  


Peppermint is most commonly used as a refreshing, sweet tea that not only tastes good but also soothes digestive upsets. However what may not be as widely known is it's abilities in topical applications. Peppermint is a refrigerant, helping to soothe dry and inflamed skin, and has antimicrobial properties. All members of the mint family Lamiaceae deter bugs and insects such as mosquitoes and flies due to their chemical composition. 


A native to Asia, lemongrass has long been used as an effective insect repellant due it's high levels of citronellal, a chemical component in plants which wards of bugs. It has a refreshing and uplifting lemon scent, and acts as an effective antibacterial and anti-fungal agent. 


The oil extracted from this powerful tree contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Cedar is known to repel bugs and insects, and has a soothing and grounding scent. 

Tea Tree

Tea tree is a prolific plant in Australian natural medicine. It is one of the few plants that has survived a transfer across from traditional Indigenous use into the modern day. Traditionally, it was used to treat wounds and other skin ailments and the leaves were crushed and inhaled to alleviate colds and coughs. Today, tea tree oil is most commonly used as a natural anti-fungal and antiseptic. It has proven powerful anti-bacterial properties which means it is perfect for applying on cuts and scrapes. Not only does it fight the infection but it promotes fast healing of wounds.